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We end the year in style with a new Muratec

dezember 21, 2022


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Again 3 Citizen L20 machines installed in 2022

november 16, 2022


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Teambuilding September

oktober 16, 2022


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Buyse metal works group keeps investing in the future!

september 13, 2022


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After the cloud, now the environment

mai 27, 2021

Next to our continues investments in our machine park we are also looking to reduce our ecological footprint. With almost 100 CNC controlled machines we do need quite some energy, typical for our proc...

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Buyse in the cloud

märz 10, 2021

Following the decision (some 2 years ago) for the investment in an up to date  ERP system, evaluations which system to choose, different test phases, the Buyse Metal Works Group went live on Marc...

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Citizen L-20

januar 27, 2021

As a forward-looking company, even in these challenging times, we need to continue looking ahead positively and adapt and/or extend our machine park. That is why the Buyse Metals Work Group does not s...

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Three in a row!

dezember 08, 2020

Every two years Atlas Copco is handing out its Customer Awards to valuable suppliers. In both 2015 and 2017 the Buyse Metal Woks Group received such an Award. We are now very pleased to announce we...

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Buyse Metal Works Group continues its focus on modernization

august 28, 2020

Even going through these difficult times and changing market situations a company needs to continue looking to the future and assuring the continuity of the company. That is why the Buyse Metal Group ...

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3 neueINDEX - CNC Dreh Maschinen

januar 07, 2020

Während die erste 6 Monate 2020 hat die Buyse Metal Works Group Ihrer Investierungs Program weiterhin ausgeführt. Mehrere Maschinen sind mittlerweil installiert. Hier können Sie die ...

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Event Industry 4.0

dezember 20, 2019

For the second consecutive year the Buyse Metal Works Group and Provan joined forces and organized an evening event at the Ghelamco Arena. Industry 4.0 was chosen as theme for the evening and how our ...

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Genau messen mit ConturoMatic TS

juni 26, 2019

A perfect product needs adequate measuring tools. Apart from continuous investing in our production equipment we do the same for equipment in our quality department. The purchase of a Conturomatic TS ...

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ESF invests in your future

februar 14, 2019


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New Muratec MT20 lathe

januar 15, 2019

The Buyse Metal Works Group keeps on investing in the renewal and modernisation of its machine park. This time we invested in a new Muratec MT20 lathe, which joins the other 5 similar machines in our ...

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New grinding machine

dezember 03, 2018

As the further expansion of the Buyse Metal Works Group continues, we've installed a new grinding machine in our operations in Lier. We have chosen for a Studer Favorit CNC grinder, which can both...

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