Buyse in the cloud

märz 10, 2021

Following the decision (some 2 years ago) for the investment in an up to date  ERP system, evaluations which system to choose, different test phases, the Buyse Metal Works Group went live on March 1 to the cloud based Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system in both sites, Aalter and Lier.

So towards the future we will be able to even more accurately follow (live) and plan or intervene in the different production steps. Our stocks starting from the raw material, semi-finished products and off course finished products and all related stock positions are scanned by means of QR-codes and continuously kept up to date. But it does not end here, we continue looking to the future. On 4 of our machines we are evaluating live reading of 30 parameters (some of which, are measured every 2 seconds during production runs). In the longer run this will give us more insight into maintenance, wear and more related to our machine park.

Buyse in the cloud
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