After the cloud, now the environment

mai 27, 2021

Next to our continues investments in our machine park we are also looking to reduce our ecological footprint. With almost 100 CNC controlled machines we do need quite some energy, typical for our processes, and at the same time we do want to control/minimize the influence on our environment. Cooling fluids for example are recycled for over 95%. The remaining goes a specialized firm for further treatment.

More recently we invested in an innovative energy reducing “E-Power” unit. This patented technology reduces non-functional energy on one side and additionally harmonises (avoiding current peaks) the received electricity, meaning that the current in our factory  becomes more stable. This has a direct influence on the functioning of the machines as well as all other electronical equipment. At the end it results in a longer lifetime of all the equipment in house.

Moreover there is a positive impact on the environment due to the energy saving of at least 4% per year. Some figures clearly show this:

  • Less CO2 release: ca 35t per year
  • Less NOx release: ca 86 kg per year
  • Saving trees: some 1375 or 3ha of trees are saved
  • We do not need to install 390 m2 of solar panels
  • Less frequent changes I machine parts
After the cloud, now the environment
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