Three in a row!

dezember 08, 2020

Every two years Atlas Copco is handing out its Customer Awards to valuable suppliers.

In both 2015 and 2017 the Buyse Metal Woks Group received such an Award. We are now very pleased to announce we have been nominated again in 2019. With some delay, due to the well-known Corona situation, we physically received the Award for “Operational Excellence” at the end of November.

This recognition has been received because of our ever lasting efforts to continuously optimize our business processes such as the investments in our machine park (approaching 100 units), an up-to-date ERP system, data-captation in our production process, etc…

This all results in high delivery performance combined with very strong quality ratings.

It is than also an extraordinary recognition for our efforts we experience for the third time in a row.

This Award also confirms that, we as a company, want to outshine in our service towards our customers.

It is without any doubt that this would be possible without the support and commitment of the entire staff in Aalter and in Lier. We are truly proud on the exceptional performance of our colleagues.

Three in a row!
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