CNC turning

The Group has more than 60 CNC lathes that produce parts from 3 mm to 1,000 mm. The range of lathes consists of longitudinal turners, lathes up to 8 axles with rod feed, vertical tandem machines with automatic loading and CNC lathes with robotic loading.

CNC turning

CNC turning

Thanks to the large and diverse fleet of machinery, De Buyse Metal Works Group is able to produce prototypes and small and medium-sized series in an extremely efficient manner.


Most of the turning is produced fully automatically on double-spindle machines that are loaded via an automatic rod feeder or a gantry loader and automatically controlled via a Marpels control system.


Highly complex products are subsequently finished at one of our modern machining centres. Using our own clamping tools, we are also able to completely finish complex shapes such as forging and casting.

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Post-treatment, Turning
Production 4
Milling, Turning

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